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1011 Perry Cove
Savannah, GA 31410
United States

Handmade modern ceramics for the home and garden. Specializing in custom pet mugs.

Painted Custom Pet Mug


Shop handmade ceramics for the pet enthusiast.

Painted Custom Pet Mug


Painted Custom Pet Mug

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A gift for someone who loves their pet as much as they love their coffee... A Pet Mug is a great way to celebrate and memorialize your furry friends! 
This artwork is created by me and made to order with your personalized animal portrait. 

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You may choose an extra add-on like: A floral crown, a golden crown, a golden halo, or a floral vine below the portrait.
Send me a photo that best depicts the animal: e-mail to:
I typically paint the face/chest (portrait style) of the animal. I can fit the entire body on the mug, just let me know, but keep in mind facial details do get lost at that size.
Once I get the drawing sketched out on the mug I will send you an update, changes can be made at this time.
After the mug is finished I will send you a photo prior to shipping for your final approval. 
I go to great lengths to make sure your mug is exactly as you envisioned. From beginning to end the process takes about 3-4 weeks (a little longer during peak shopping seasons, I will announce deadlines if necessary).

I work directly from the photo that you provide. Feel free to send additional photos depicting the markings or coloring to give me a clear idea of the pet’s essence.
Natural lighting is the best choice as it allows you to photograph the true color of your pet. Flash photos are harsh and may alter the colors.
Eye color (especially in cats) changes in different lighting, please let me know the eye color, even if it looks obvious to you!
You know your pet- if your photo doesn’t show that tiny spot on the top of your dog’s head or the little tuft of white fur on your cat’s chest, please make a note of it when you submit your photo. The more information I have the better your portrait will be.

Each mug is individually hand-built in a durable stoneware clay body. The bottom has a stamped paw print and the side is marked with my brand "HC". The animal featured is painted using underglazes against the natural clay background (an eggshell white) and covered completely with a thick coat of transparent gloss glaze. The colors will never fade. It is kiln fired to 2000 degrees.

Food safe, non-toxic.
Microwave and dishwasher safe.
Standard mug size - 4" tall, holds 14 ounces.
Includes gift box.

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